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40 day Fasting and Prayer

Prayer list:

List of items to intercede, you can add to it

1. Increasing daily time with the Lord

2. Growing in the Word.. Dedicated structured learning of the Word.

3. Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

4. Requesting the Holy Spirit to provide the utterance so people can Pray in tongues.

5. Requesting to be plugged in the Lord  asking for growth and to be fruitful. 

6. Unconditional love in practice. True forgiveness and healing from past events. Requesting for fruits of the Spirit.

7. Servant leadership... Ability to lead and also to follow.

8. Spiritual warfare - Understanding of strongholds and territorial spirits that are blocking Lord work at home and in community.

9. Breaking of territorial spirits..

10. Praying for new souls to be saved

* Ask God to open their spiritual eyes (2 Cor. 4:4).

* Ask God to give them ears to hear (Matt. 13:15),

* Ask God to give them faith to believe (Acts 20:21).

* Ask God to give them the will to respond (Rom. 10:9).

* Ask God to send people into their lives to witness to them (Matt. 9:38).

* Ask God for ways to build caring relationships ((I Cor. 9:22).

* Ask God for opportunities to witness (Col. 4:3).

* Ask God for boldness to witness (Acts 4:29).

* Ask God for an opportunity to invite them (Luke 14:23).

* Ask God to set them free from spiritual captivity (2 Tim. 2:25-26).

11. Praying for physical healing for people we know.

12. To hear from God.. Two way prayer. Operate in the Prophetic.

13. Pray for children, schools, friends, teachers and caregiver's. More children for who are asking the Lord for more.

14. Pray for youths in church

15. Pray for each ministry in church

16. Place of worship.

17. Pray for Easter convention

18. Pray for church families, husband-wife relationships, parent-children relationships. Pastor and trustees families.

19. Praying for city, Nation, President and new administration

20. To be faithful in small things

21. More and more active participation in church ministries.

22. For everyone to come before time to church and related events.

23. Boldness to obey God's commandments.

24. To rejoice when others succeed.

25. Reduce use and focus on "I" but decide what's best for the kingdom of God.

26. To sharpen God given skills and talents and to use them for Lord.

27. Help with new jobs, favor at work, financial independence, help with business ventures.

28. Finances for church

29. Travel mercies

30. Praying for neighbors and helping them.

31. Tithe and beyond..generosity in giving to release finances to support ministries and those who are needy.

32. Community and state issues..(Maryland ranked fourth among the top states per capita in trafficking cases last year, trailing Nevada, California, and Ohio, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.)

33. Importance of body being the temple of God and ensuring it's kept pure and holy. Control on food. Control on thoughts. Control on words, control on deeds.

34. Praise and thanksgiving

35. Pray over the prophetic words spoken personally and corporately over our church.

36. Pray for wisdom and revelation; boldness, anointing in individual lives and corporately.

37. Each of our family member saved and healed

38. For our single brothers and sisters seeking marriage

39. Spirit of prayer to fall on church

40. For persecuted saints

You can add to the lists

Thank you.

Pr. Mathew

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